Key features & product philosophy

High-quality data sources
All data sources on Databar are vetted and tested. We've personally analyzed the data that's provided by our sources and cross-referenced it, making sure that the results are of the highest quality. If a connector doesn't work, we're available 24/7 to roll out fixes and make sure that it does.
Standardized data schemas
We've standardized all connectors to the Databar data schema so only the most relevant data points are returned. Work with clean data out of the box.
All APIs and parameters are well documented
All data sources and APIs are well documented - almost every parameter has help text, which you can use to make requests without looking at a documentation page ever again. Response columns are also documented where needed.
No-fuss managed connectors
Connectors, concurrency, and requests are all managed by our system - you tell us what data you want and we get it for you.
Easy but customizable
Our platform lets you interact with APIs in full no-code, yet you can create custom queries like a full-fledged developer would.
Keyless API access
Use's API key to access third-party and enterprise-grade data sources without any additional subscriptions. View all data sources ->
Built-in converters & analyzers
Data formats are set automatically - UNIX is converted to date/time, bool type values come in true/false format, and images come with a preview. You can also customize data formats directly in your table.