🔑Authorization & API keys

There are four types of Authorization on Databar.ai:

No Authorization Required (No Auth)

No auth APIs do not require authorization or API keys. Such APIs will display a "No API key required" badge in the authorization section.

Authorization (API key) Required

To use API keys with authorization, you must obtain an API key from the provider's website.

If you don't have an API key, we have many alternatives on Databar.ai that allow you to get similar datasets either without authorization or via the Databar.ai API key.

Here's how you can add API keys to Databar.ai:

Once you add an API key to a dataset, it will be available across all endpoints from the same API.

API keys that you add to Databar.ai are completely confidential and never accessed or used by our team.

To delete your API keys, please visit the My Connections page.

Authorization via Databar.ai

We've partnered with several data providers so you can use several third-party APIs without having to buy or enter an API key. These are APIs that normally require authorization via an API key, but are made accessible on our platform through Databar.ai's API key.

Several APIs that include authorization via Databar.ai are only available under paid plans. Credits are also calculated differently for several endpoints. Please view the Billing & pricing section for more information.


OAuth APIs are currently in Beta and we haven't made any such APIs available publicly yet. We will update this section once OAuth APIs are released.

Many data sources use OAuth to secure your data and make it only available via direct logins. OAuth works similarly to API keys; however, to add an OAuth key you'll need to authorize it on the provider's site.

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