Enhance your datasets with enrichments.

What are Enrichments?

If you have a spreadsheet with 500 emails, and you want to find out the names, positions, and locations of each person on your list, how will you do it? Most often, you might start doing your research online, searching for data about each person in your list, and then manually typing it into the sheet line by line. This data entry task is basically the manual, unautomated version of data enrichment.

On Databar, enrichments let you automatically populate and create new columns in your spreadsheet using third-party data sources that already have the data that you need. Here's how it looks in real-time when enriching a list of URLs with logo images, names, Twitter handles, est. revenue & head-count data, and data on whether the company has been acquired:

What can I do with enrichments?

Enrichments let you augment your data with third-party data sources so you never have to do manual data entry again. Enrichments also let you dive deeper into the data that you might already have, as well as standardize data formats & clean up columns in your spreadsheets.

Here are several use cases showing the power of data enrichment on our site:

  • Get the longitude & latitude of a given address

  • Find the number of clicks a list of sites got over the past month in SEO

  • Get the estimated revenue of 20 startups

  • Verify a list of emails

  • Get the number of Instagram followers for world cup finals players (Argentina vs. France)

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