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Scrape data from any website with our custom web-scraper

With the Databar Google Chrome extension, you can scrape data from any website and directly send it to Databar. Pull in custom data and build on top of it as you like.



Step 1: Install the Google Chrome extension

To install the extension, head over to this link and click Add to Chrome.

Step 2: Start the extension

Find and click on the Databar.ai Web Scraping in your extensions folder. Once clicked, please click New Job on the popup.

Step 3: Set Web Scraper Parameters

After you performed the steps above, a toolbar shows up similar to the one below. Please click on Add Column to create your first job.

Note: You have to be located on the website of your choice before you start the Databar Web Scraper

Select the element you'd like to scrape and every similar element on the page should automatically be marked as a preview of what's going to be scraped. Once satisfied, please click on the tick on the toolbar to confirm the scrape job.

Step 4: Extracting Data

Click on View Results to see the data extracted.

You will be relocated to a page showing you the data extracted. You can either (i) Export to CSV or (ii) Send to Databar. Please see the video below to stream data to Databar.

Note: You will need your Databar API Key to send data to Databar

Step 5: Enriching Data

Once the data's been transferred to Databar, you can build on top of it using our enterprise-grade enrichments. To get started:

  1. Click on Data & Enrichments

  2. Select Enrichments and click on Add a new enrichment

  3. Once clicked, find an enrichment you'd like to use.

  4. Fill in the request parameters of the enrichment with the column whose data you want as input.

  5. Select the response fields you want to be returned after the enrichment has run

  6. Click Add x columns when all these details are confirmed

  7. Once the enrichment's successfully created, click on it, go to Run Rows, and click on Run All rows.

  8. After this, your data should instantly load up with the response fields selected.


If you have any questions about the extension or would like to submit feedback, please reach out to us at info@databar.ai.

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