💰How credits & actions work

Learn how to manage and spend your data credits on Databar

We currently have two ways of metering usage on Databar: API Network Credits and Actions. In a few words, API Network Credits are used to connect to external data providers, while Actions are used towards APIs which are free, requests to custom added connectors (which you have added via our Add an API feature), and towards API requests with your own API key.

Credits đŸĒ™

To make the experience of using Databar as easy as possible, we partnered with 80+ different data providers to offer our users key-less access to their data. With Databar you can access all APIs/data sources that are part of the API Network without needing an API key or additional forms of authorization.

For example, you can use API Network credits to connect to both BuiltWith for tech stack data and to People Data Labs for emails.

Each data source prices its data differently, which is why some connectors can cost 4 credits per run and other 20.

For some connectors, the size of the request can also impact the credit pricing. For example, with our Google Maps scraper we charge 0.15 credits per location found. So if you input 100 in the Number of locations field, you'll be charged 15 credits for a successful run.

Purchasing additional credits

Each plan on our site comes with a certain number of API Network credits. However, you can also purchase credits as add-ons from your account settings.

How credits are billed with enrichments

Please note the cost for enrichments is on a per-row basis, meaning the total price = Base Cost x Number of rows to be enriched.

Actions ⚡

Actions are meant for usage towards any requests which are not using the Databar API key. Actions are consumed in the following situations:

  • If you make requests to OAuth connectors (for example, our Hubspot or Salesforce integrations)

  • If you make requests to APIs which are free

  • If you make requests with your own API key

  • If you make requests to APIs which you have added

If you have any questions about Credits, Actions, or any other aspects of our billing, please don't hesitate to contact us at info@databar.ai.

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