🐞Debug Requests

Here's how you can debug requests via the data logs button in your table

Errors should never occur when querying, but check the Data Logs if they do. These are like your receipts on each query, showing you what went wrong and how to troubleshoot it. Data logs can be found at the bottom of your table next to the Add rows button:

Once you click on the Data logs button you will see a screen which shows all of the API requests that you've made in this table. The columns show the following:

  • Request status: Can be Completed (everything ran as intended), Error (there was an error with your request), or No data (no data returned from API)

  • API or Enrichment name: the data source that the request was made to

  • Cost: How much this request costed you in credits

  • Inputs: The inputs that were used to make this request (if it's an enrichment you'll see the fields passed from the columns in your table)

  • Details: Any additional details for the request. If the request returned an error, this column will show the reason for the error.

If you run into issues or have questions about our Data Logs, please send us a message via our community or via email at info@databar.ai.

Status Codes

  • 200: OK - The request went through successfully. If there's no data returned, it means the request was successful, but no data fits your input.

  • 400: Bad Request - This often occurs when the input parameters are filled incorrectly. Please recheck the hints and placeholder text before editing the input parameters.

  • 401: Unauthorised - This occurs when there's an issue with the API Key. Please add a new key and try again for endpoints that rely on the user authorizing. If the authorization is done by Databar, please contact us at info@databar.ai and we can help fix this.

  • 404: Not Found - Report this to us at info@databar.ai as this is an issue on our end.

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