How enrichments work

Step 1 - Prepare a Dataset

Create a table using our APIs, or add your data. Make sure to delete any unnecessary columns and fix column names.

Step 2 - Add Enrichment

Under Enrichments, click Add a new Enrichment. Select one from the list of enrichments that appears.

Step 3 - Map Request Columns

Once the enrichment is selected, click on the request parameters and select which column values should be used to fill them. For example, if the parameter is for an email address, link it to the column in your table that has emails.

Step 4 - Select Update Frequency

Under the Strategy field, select (i) How often you'd like the enrichment to run and (ii) Whether it updates automatically. Note: Automated updates use credits on each operation. Ensure your accounts have sufficient credits.

Step 5 - Confirm Response Columns

Under Columns to be added, check all the fields from the response parameters that you'd like to receive data for. Once done, click Add x Columns to confirm your enrichment.

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