👋What is Databar.ai?

Making APIs accessible, 1000 at a time.

We're on a mission to make data automation accessible

Databar is a no-code platform that lets you connect to external data providers and APIs using a spreadsheet interface. With our query builder, you can scrape the web, enrich datasets, collect emails and company data, as well as build custom data pipelines with rows and columns.

One of the key features of Databar is enrichments. With enrichments, you can mix data from various sources (including your internal database, CSV files, and CRMs) with data from third party providers. Click here to learn more about enrichments.

Community & additional support

For general help using Databar, you can browse through this knowledge base. For anything else, you can use one of our channels to ask a question.

  • Discord to interact with the community and chat with our team

  • Twitter and Linkedin for the latest news on our company

  • For all other inquiries please reach out to info@databar.ai

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