🚀Getting Started

Quick start with a simple example

We think jumping right in is the best way to learn to use Databar. Here's our quick start guide, which shows how to scrape details of executives, such as emails and LinkedIn URLs.

Finding the connector

1. Find APIs to connect to via the search. We're looking for the Hunter.io - Find emails by department and URL dataset.

2. Click Try me in the top right corner.

Make your first API call

3. Once in the query builder, enter amazon.com in the Domain URL field and select Seniority as executive.

4. After you click run, your data will appear in the table, and all emails will be good to go đŸĨŗ.

Enriching the dataset

Once we get the initial data, we can build on it by enriching it to fetch additional details, such as the LinkedIn URL.

  1. Select the Enrichments tab and click on Add a new enrichment

  2. Select the Get people data from email enrichment

  1. Select the mapping for the columns to be used as the request parameters. in this case, select Email address

  2. Select Linkedin link as the "Columns to be added" and click Add

  1. Head over to the newly added column and click on the data provider's logo

  2. The data is added, and your final dataset should be ready!

For a more detailed dive into how Databar.ai operates:

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