Getting Started

Quick start with a simple example

We think the best way to learn how to use Databar is to jump right in. Here's our quick start guide showing how to get the salaries of top executives at Apple and Netflix via the Yahoo Finance API.

Finding the connector

1. Find APIs to connect to via the search. We're looking for the Yahoo Finance dataset.
2. Click "Try me" in the top right corner.

Make your first API call

3. Once you're in the query builder, enter Apple's stock ticker ("AAPL") in the Stock ticker field and click Run
4. After you click run, you will see your dataset in the table. Now change the Stock ticker parameter to NFLX and click Run again.
5. Now you should have two rows in the table - one for Apple and one for Netflix. We want the salaries of executives, which live inside the company_officers column. To expand the data inside that column, hover over the + and click View data:
Once you do that, will expand the nested values and you will see new yellow-highlighted rows in the table. Click View data again and you'll see a column named company_officers.totalPay. Click on View data one last time:
Now you should see a column named company_officers.totalPay.raw. This column shows the salaries each executive at Apple is receiving.

Analyzing the data

We have the data!
Now let's get to analyzing it. Click on Share & Download -> Download XLSX and open the Excel file.
Find the following columns:
  • company_officers_expanded_name (shows the executive's name)
  • company_officers_expanded_totalPay_raw (shows their pay)
There we go! A quick plot shows Theodore Sarandos makes $21M a year, ~$5M more than Tim Cook. Cook is then followed by 3 Netflix executives.
Apple and Netflix executive salaries compared

Scaling this request

We just showed you how to find salaries for top executives at Apple and Netflix. But what if you want to get salaries for executives at 500 different companies? Well, the process is much easier than you might think!
For a more detailed dive into how operates: