API connectors

Databar.ai's query builder lets you make API requests to hundreds of APIs without technical expertise. This page contains a brief overview of everything you need to know about our query builder.

Quick links to dive deeper into the query builder:

How to use the query builder

Once you get to the query builder, you will see two main sections: the query tab on the left and the table to the right.

The query tab is where you customize your request. It contains information on authorization and lets you enter both required and optional parameters to submit to the API. To the right is the data table where you can get a preview of the dataset.


Many APIs require authorization before you can make requests. Broadly speaking, there are four types of authorization:

  • OAuth: For connectors like Facebook and Twitter

  • No Auth: No authorization is required

  • API key: Requires you to have an API key

  • Auth via Databar.ai: The API requires authorization, but we're providing you with the Databar.ai API key so you don't have to get one

Learn more about Authorization ->

Connector types: Query / Automate / Enrich

The Databar query builder lets you set up three types of requests:

Single queries

Single queries are one-off data pulls where you manually enter your parameters and run the request. Learn more ->


Automations let you set periodic API requests and have Databar.ai connect to third-party sources automatically. Learn more ->


Enrich/batch requests are used if you have a file that you'd like to enrich. With Enrich requests, we make many requests to a single data source and automatically populate columns in your dataset. One great use case is to enrich a list of emails with third-party data. Learn more ->

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