How credits work

Learn how to manage and spend your data credits on Databar


You can use credits to connect to all data sources on
APIs that are free or do not require authorization cost a minimal amount of credits to cover bandwidth and server costs, as well as ensure that free APIs do not get flooded with API calls.
When authorization works through the API key, pricing will depend on the data provider. You can purchase additional credits to supplement your plan when picking a subscription. The more credits you add to your subscription, the lower the per-credit price will be.
For our premium datasets, the price range can vary based on the size of the request as shown below:
Variable Pricing Range

Enriched datasets

For datasets that include enrichments, credits are required for both the source dataset requests and the enriched columns requests.
Please note the cost for enrichments is on a per-row basis, meaning the total price = Base Cost x Number of rows to be enriched
Enrichments Pricing