Who is Databar meant for?

Databar is meant for marketers, sales reps, and RevOps looking to generate leads, perform keyword research, and all forms of data analysis towards marketing operations.

Why not just connect to an API from its source?

The prerequisite to using APIs is knowing how to code. Even if that's not a barrier to entry, building on top of that data by integrating with separate APIS is a long process that takes significant development time. By using our query builder, you can connect to several APIs and build on top of them with enrichments in 3 clicks!

How many pricing plans are available?

We currently offer 3 pricing core plans, all of which include keyless access to APIs. You can also purchase additional credits to your plan, or get custom white-glove service via our Enterprise plan. Read more about our pricing here.

What is the difference between APIs and Data Sources?

APIs are the individual endpoints to get specific data from a dataset whereas Data Sources are the source of all the endpoints. Example: If Spotify has several endpoints, all the endpoints are considered APIs and Spotify is the Data Source.

How can I give feedback on my experience?

We'd love to hear what you think of Databar. You can share feedback via email at info@databar.ai.

How many Data Sources do you have onboarded?

We have hundreds of data sources and enrichments available on our site currently. We add new data sources daily. You can browse all of our connectors in the catalog here.

Do my credits get rolled over if not completely used?

Credits reset monthly on monthly plans and annually on annual plans.

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